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Who we are & what we were

Schrijfwerken is a duo +1 combining their talent and experience in storytelling, marketing, business, creating and technology: the duo Frank Willemse and Aline Juliá + the one and only Erik Willemse. We work together with equally experienced and talented graphic designers, UX-designers, photographers, SEO-experts, … We’re really good at imagining stuff and building it in reality. We are thinkers and do-ers. We can also be a pain in the ass because we’re awfully curious and don’t stop asking questions. That’s the only way we can give answers and solutions.

We work as individuals and as a team. It just depends on the kind of case.



I’m a freelance advisor for creative, conceptual and strategic brand and communication development (all touchpoints, from retail to digital): starting from a pragmatic analysis (consumer, market, product, competition, distribution…), I work out a clear and workable strategy with original views, fresh ideas and proposals for relevant, up-to-date design and communication techniques. My clients vary from government and corporate enterprises to smaller companies, especially retail and restaurants. I’m also a guest speaker and teacher for all subjects listed above.

Major projects: MAS Antwerpen (2011 opening), vtm (2011 Werk aan de Winkel), S.M.A.K Gent (2012 Track), Bolides (2013 launch), Restaurants Món (2014 Antwerpen, 2016 Wilrijk), Fermet/De Fermetisten (2015), Atelier Millevaches (2016), Salons van Edel (2017), Pÿur in Germany (creation and launch of new shops, 2017-2018).

Lecturer & coach

I teach Retail & Business Development to 3rd-year Marketing Bachelors: it’s an intensive practical course where they learn retail (offline and offline) basics, project management, and business development.
The students work on a real retail project, adding value, learning project management, focusing on analysis and (creative and strategic) advice. Retailers in and around Antwerp: please contact me.
Projects 2017: iBike, Connections, Hallmark@De Standaard Boekhandel, Crayola, Urban Window, Theo (Somers Optiek)

I teach Digital Service Design and I coach several groups of postgraduates in Digital Marketing & Communications at EMS Brussels. This course has grown to become an important practical experience in which the students work their way through a service design process. They work in project teams around one topic: Mobility (2015-16), Retail (2016-17) and Education (2017-18).

Before all this

Co-founder & owner De Fermetisten 

Director Brand and Commercial Communication Mobistar 

Press officer


English Teacher

Master in English/ Theory of Literature/Teaching, Ghent University – 


Solving retail problems

As a retail expert I offer my services specifically to organisations, entrepreneurs and businesses with retail interests.

Check out flyaline


Building stories and websites.

Editorial coach

Guiding Meynen while making stopcomics for Het Laatste Nieuws & Knack.

Before all this


Slangen in de Coulissen, 25 jaar politieke communicatie (2014)
Slimmer Eten (2011)
Roken houdt vliegen weg (2001)


Reporter Nina (2010-2014)
Reporter Het Laatste Nieuws (2010-2014)
Consumer affairs reporter Het Laatste Nieuws (2005-2008)
Political editor Het Laatste Nieuws (1999-2005)
Redacteur P-magazine (1998-1999)
Redacteur Panorama (1996-1998)
Hoofdredacteur Goed Gevoel (1993-1995)
Hoofdredacteur Joepie (1994-1995)
Redacteur Dag Allemaal (1993-1995)

Bachelor Polical and Social Sciences, Antwerp University
Bachelor Law, Antwerp University
Master Communication Sciences, Ghent University
Exchange Student International Journalism, City University


I am a creative generalist and eclectic curiosity is my middle name. As engineer in IT holding an MBA, I am a technical geek and business mind in one. I combine a pragmatic approach with a good sense of humour to convince, inspire and creatively communicate. I work as freelance senior business consultant helping companies and (marketing) departments with digital strategy and service design, user experience, ideation and prototyping projects.

This course started as a lecture on mobile marketing but soon evolved towards a practical hands-on workshop combining service design, user experience and everything else the students learn in the other courses in the postgraduate program.

I have taught this course together with Aline Julia in the past years and, because of the success of the program and the intense follow-up and guidance we offer, Wouter Walgraeve has joined us in 2017-2018.

Also, from 2017-2018, the course has officially renamed into “Digital Service Design”.

Before all this

User Experience analyst – Digital service design specialist, Colruyt

Senior Business Consultant, Nascom

Senior Business Consultant, Sqills

Managing partner/Member of the board, ICMS Group

Senior consultant, Calibrate

Senior consulteant, Across

Business unit manager, write

Technical writer/project manager, ATEK


Engineer Electricity/informatics

MBA, University of Antwerp


No nonsense service design

I teamed up with Wouter Walgraeve en Björn Sleypen and started Doenkers to help clients who need no-nonsense service design.

Check out Doenkers

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