Functional storytelling

The one and only

6 reasons to read

Facts, insights, overviews, opinions & judgement, advice and entertainment. These are the one and only 6 reasons why people want to read you, watch you and listen to you. Check out why and check out the examples. They are all articles of mine, old but still valid as showcases of how to tell a story in a digital world. Using the reasons in a model of functional storytelling helps you focus on the purpose, the readers’ reasons and the mix of the story and stories your telling.


People look for facts. Things that have happened, are happening, will happen and have an effect on their lives, their thinking, their being, … Preferably something they don’t know yet. Something new.


People look for insights: things they haven’t seen like this before and enlighten and inspire them. Things that give them a brand new feeling or something to talk about and act to it. Something that touches them emotionally or triggers something rationally.



People look for overviews where facts, insights, advices & judgments, opinions, … are structured, being compared, showing connections, … Overviews give people a feeling of control: I know everything about it (for now).



People look for opinions and judgement that gives them facts, insights and overviews in a colourful way. Not neutral , not objective, not balanced but straightforward blunt thoughts, ideas, judgement in all directions, aligning or contrasting its own thoughts, ideas, judgement, …


People look for advice that helps them in their daily life: how-to’s and step by step guides. Or just a quick or long read getting advice from someone who is supposed to know how things should be done, viewed, dealt with.



People look for entertainment all the time. Not only as entertainment itself, but also getting facts, insights, overviews, advices, opinions & judgements in an entertaining way. Make it an enjoyable read, with a sense of humour, with a surprising twist, with a attractive format, …

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